Review: Decembers Architects – “Apiary Ennui & Curiosas the Brew Shakes”

This hyperactive 12-track outing has its moments but making it from start to finish can feel like stuttering through conversation with someone on speed. Verses stop and start. Guitars mutter a bar or two before breaking into distorted roars. Time signatures surface, only to be brushed aside.

Songs like “Self Induced Priapism Opus” do their best to channel the breakneck intensity of the Locust but the group hits targets when it holds its aim for more than a few seconds, as on the early moments of the Rodan-influenced “A Hemingway Cat.” – Punk Planet, May/June 2007

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  1. I played in this band a few years back, named “a hemingway cat” after a love in my life, probably wrote the part you mentioned. i cant say i’ve ever listened to rodan or locust. funny how that stuff works out.

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