Review: The Melvins – Houdini Live: A Live History of Gluttony and Lust

Originally published in Linoleum Magazine June 2006

Everyone’s favorite trio of sludge, roar and thunder pay tribute to the past with a recreated live recording of their much-lauded 1993 outing Houdini.

Those who’ve seen Melvins erupt on stage will appreciate the familiar staples, including a sinister take on “Night Goat” and a dirgy “Hooch.”

Fantomas regular and Mr. Bungle alum Trevor Dunn does an incredible job filling in for recently departed bassist Kevin Rutmanis, and “Teet” and the bizarre “Sky Pup” take on new life here but the lack of a screaming audience between tracks distances the listener.

If you missed Melvins hammer out their live Houdini sets at All Tomorrow’s Parties, you can find similar thrills and ear-splitting refrains on Alive At The F*cker Club and Fantomas/Melvins Big Band’s Millennium Masterwork.

For those who hunger for it all, well, what’s stalling you? Next up: a long-awaited full-length successor to Hostile Ambient Takeover or a live take on Stoner Witch?

We’re waiting.

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