An Index of Reviews


Accidental Superhero – Full Circle

Aceyalone – Magnificent City

Adult. – Gimmie Trouble

Afghan Whigs, The – In Spades

Aigner, Robin – Bandito

Ala Muerte – Santa Elena

Alvarius B/Cerberus Shoal – The Vim and Vigour of Alvarius B and Cerberus Shoal

Ampline/Buffalo Killers – Split Single

Andrew – Happy To Be Here

Anjou – Epithymia

Anyway – Dead End

Apollo, James – Good Grief

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Worn Copy

Asahi – Head Above Water

At Dusk – You Can Know Danger

Baby Teeth – The Baby Teeth Album

Bastro – Antlers: Live 1991


Bedhead – Bedhead: 1992-1998

Biafra, Jello/The Melvins – Never Breathe What You Can’t See

Bibio – Fi

Big Lazy – Don’t Cross Myrtle

Bishop, Sir Richard – Tangier Sessions

Black Angels, The – Passover

Black Heart Procession, The – Amore del Tropico

Black Heart Procession, The – Hearts and Tanks

Black Heart Procession, The – Three

Black Keys, The – Chulahoma

Blackout Beach – Skin of Evil

Blindfold – S/T

Boards of Canada – Trans Canada Highway

Boduf Songs – S/T

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “Mindlessness” / “Blindlessness” 7″

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Singer’s Grave A Sea of Tongues

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Summer in the Southeast

Boysetsfire – The Misery Index

Broken Hips – S/T

Broken Spindles – Inside/Absent

Broughton’s Rules – Anechoic Horizon (Pittsburgh #1)

Buckner, Richard – Impasse

Buckner, Richard – The Hill (Reissue)

Calexico – Convict Pool

Calexico – Edge of the Sun

Calexico – Garden Ruin

Captain Beefheart – Sun Zoom Spark

Cex – Actual Fucking

Chariots Race – Existence

Charmparticles – Sit Down for Staying

Cheese, Richard – Aperitif for Destruction

Chesnutt, Vic, Elf Power and The Amorphous Strums – Dark Developments

Chicken & The Chick Flicks – Too Bad About The Sun

Chrash – Audio Feng Shui

Circles – When the Big River Floods

City Water – 2

Cobain, Kurt – Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings (Deluxe Edition)

Cordova, Ramona – The Boy Who Floated Freely

Crystal Fairy – S/T

Curtis Eller’s American Circus – Taking Up Serpents Again

Curtis Eller’s American Circus – Wirewalkers and Assassins

Curtis Eller’s American Circus – How To Make It In Hollywood

Danger Mouse – The Grey Album

Delgados, The – Universal Audio

Decembers Architects – Apiary Ennui & Curiosas the Brew Shakes

Demen – Nektyr

Devillock – These Graves

Devils, The – Dark Circles

Dish – Ma Raison De Vivre Ton Amour

DK Limb – Defy Define Definition

Do Make Say Think – Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn

Don Caballero – World Class Listening Problem (x2, x3)

Duncan, Jacob – The Busker

Dunphy, Dw. – Crazy Talk

Dunphy, Dw. – “Your Saturday Sins” 7-Inch

Edmondson – Strange Durations

Elephant Rifle – Ivory

Elf Power – Walking With The Beggar Boys

Endino, Jack – Permanent Fatal Error

Fair, Jad and Jason Willett – Superfine

Faith No More – Sol Invictus

Faith No More – We Care A Lot (Deluxe Band Version)

Fantômas – Suspended Animation

Farm – Episode 113

FCS North – Vocabulary

Feverfew, The – Apparitions

Final Fantasy – He Poos Clouds

For Carnation, The – S/T

Frederickson, Christian, Jason Noble and Ryan Rumery – The Painted Bird / Amidst

Frog Eyes – Pickpocket’s Locket

Gibby Haynes and His Problem – S/T

Giddy Motors –Make It Pop

Gnade, Adam – Run Hide Retreat Surrender (x2)

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress

Godspeed You Black Emperor! – Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven

Gotobeds, The – The Gotobeds Sign To Sub Pop – Pittsburgh #3

Grand Unified Theory – S/T

Great Shakes, The – Americana Bebop

Great Shakes, The – In The Ballroom

Great Shakes, The – S/T

Green Milk from the Planet Orange – City Calls Revolution

Grimes, Rachel – The Clearing

Grubbs, David – A Guess At The Riddle

Guapo and Cerberus Shoal – The Ducks and Drakes of Guapo and Cerberus Shoal

Haram – S/T

Hat Party, The – Agents and Thieves

Have Gun, Will Travel – Science From An Easy Chair

HC-B – Rough

Heads, The – Under the Stress of a Headlong Dive

Heavenly States, The – S/T

Hello Amsterdam – How Are You?

Hepa-Titus – Gettin’ It On

Heron – You Are Here Now

Her Space Holiday – The Young Machines Remixed

High Plains – Cinderland

Hiker/Biker – Politics and Fucking

Hoey, Gary – Monster Surf

Holford, Casey – All Young And Beautiful

Holland, Jolie – Wine Dark Sea

Hot Chip – The Warning

Hunchback – A Hunchback Is Also a Man

Hurricane Lamps, The – Sing Me A Song

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – According To Plan

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – Fear Is On Our Side

Jaffe, Sarah – Suburban Nature

Jaffe, Sarah – Don’t Disconnect

Joan of Arc – Eventually, All At Once

Kaada/Patton – Romances

Kasino – Thank You and Goodnight

Kill Henry Sugar – Hot Messiah

Knife, The – Silent Shout

Knife In The Water – Plays One Sound and Others/Cut The Cord

Knurl – Scyamine

Kraken Quartet, The – Separate | Migrate

Legends, The – Up Against The Legends

Les Claypool’s Duo De Twang – Four Foot Shack

Lesser Birds of Paradise, The and Jared Grabb – Reading Light

Lesser Birds of Paradise, The – Space Between

Lesser Birds of Paradise, The – String of Bees

Lichens – The Psychic Nature of Being

Like A Fox – Where’s My Golden Arm?

Locust, The – Safety Second, Body Last

Loscil – Monument Builders

Loscil – Sea Island

Lying In States – Most Every Night

Man or Astro-man? – A Spectrum of Infinite Scale

Manta Ray – Torres de Electricidad

Marches, The – 4 A.M. Is The New Midnight

Matmos – Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast

McCall, Tris – Shootout at the Sugar Factory

McGee, Yikes and Piñataland – The Bad President and Little Know Ye Who’s Comin’ MP3

Meeting Of Important People – “All Rode Off Together” 7″ (Pittsburgh #4)

Melvins, The – A Senile Animal

Melvins, The – Houdini Live: A Live History of Gluttony and Lust

Melvins, The – Mangled Demos From 1983

Melvins, The – Nude With Boots

Melvins, The – The Bulls And The Bees/Electroretard (Re-issue)

Melvins, The – Tres Cabrones

Melvins, The – Hold It In

Melvins, The/Lustmord – Pigs of the Roman Empire

Mendez, Miguel – My Girlfriend Is Melting

Meow Meow – Snow Gas Bones

Mico – Outside the Unbearable Grows

Minus Story – The Captain Is Dead, Let the Drum Corpse Dance

Modwheelmod – Enemies & Immigrants

Mogwai – Mr. Beast

Moore, Daniel Martin – Stray Age

Moths, Thee – Nature

Moushon, Michael – S/T

Mueller, Jon, Bhob Rainey, Jim Schoenecker – Untitled

Mylets – Arizona

Mylets – Retcon

National Beekeepers Society – Pawn Shop Etiquette

Neutral Milk Hotel – All The Colors of The Rainbow (Live) MP3

New Thrill Parade, The -S/T

Night Vapor – S/T (Pittsburgh #6)

Nirvana – With The Lights Out

Nirvana – In Utero: 20th Anniversary Edition

Nonagon – No Sun

Nonagon – The Last Hydronaut

Numbers/Adult. – Numbers + Adult. = This Seven Inch

Oblique Quartet – Tlaloc Beat

Old Growth – S/T

Oneida – Happy New Year

Only Thunder – Lower Bounds

Organ Donor – Midwest/Italia

O’Rourke, Jim – Simple Songs

Orthrelm – OV

PAK – Motel


PAK – Secret Curve

Pan-American – Quiet City

Papa M – Highway Songs

Papa M – Hole of Burning Alms

Papa M – One

Papa M – Three/Four

Papa M – Two

Pee-Pee – Castile Jackine Is Vooded At Broonus Mousin: Volume 1

Peeping Tom – S/T

Phantom Band, The – Checkmate Savage

Phillips, Hangnail – Wit’s End

Phillips, Sam – A Boot and A Shoe

Pinataland – Songs for the Forgotten Future Vol. 1

Pinataland – Songs for the Forgotten Future Vol. 2

Pinataland – Hymns for the Dreadful Night

Pinetop Seven – Bringing Home The Last Great Strike

Pit Er Pat – High Time

Placebo – Meds

Planet Janet – Nice Socks

Planet The, The – You Absorb My Vision

Point Juncture Wa. – Heart To Elk

Portland Cello Project – To E.S.

Press The Button – The Button: For Dummies

Pretty Mighty Mighty – Normal

Primus – Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People

Psychedelic Horseshit – Who Let The Dogs Out?

Race, The – If You Can

Rachel’s – Technology Is Killing Music

Re: – Alms

Reclinerland – The Ideal Home Music Library, Vol. 1: Show Songs

Red Krayola, The – Introduction

Repp, Corrina – It’s Only The Future

Richman, Adam – Patience and Science

Roberts, Dean – Be Mine Tonight

Rolo Tomassi – Grievances

Ronderlin – Wave Another Day Goodbye

R. Ring – Ignite The Rest

Santiago Steps, The – Okay Okay Okay

Santos, Rusty – Outside Versus In

Scary Kids Scaring Kids – The City Sleeps In Flames

Scientifics, The – Future Mothers and Former Babies

Scoville Unit – Everybody Knows

Sea, Like Lead, The – S/T

Sea, Like Lead, The/Belegost – S/T

Sems, The – Any Day Ago

Setzer, Brian – Rockabilly Riot! Vol. One

Shellac – Dude Incredible

Shesus – Ruined It For You

Shins, The – Chutes Too Narrow

Shipping News – Flies the Fields

Skeleton Key – Live at Metro 06/13/04

Skeletons – Money

Skyscraper Frontier – Moonlit Behavior

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of Natural History

Slint – Spiderland: Remastered

Sloan – Action Pact

Smog – ‘Neath The Puke Tree

Smog – Supper

Snow Fairies, The – Feel You Up

Snowy – Lilywhite

Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped (x2)

Spalding, Dave – The Invisibles

Stay Lows, The – The Red Budget

STNNNG – Dignified Sissy

STNNNG – Veterans of Pleasure

Swissfarlo – Boxed

Talk, The – The Sinners of Daughters

Tamburo, Mike – Beating of the Rewound Son

Tan or Boil – Seamstress In A Suitcase

Tanakh – Dieu Deuil

Televangelist and The Architect, The – There’s A Song In There Somewhere

tētēma – Geocidal

These United States – Crimes

Those Who Walk Away – The Infected Mass

Tin Hat Trio – Book of Silk

Tomahawk – Mit Gas

Tortoise – The Catastrophist

Tortoise – Standards

Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death – Helpless

T-Tops – S/T (Pittsburgh #2)

Tub Ring – Optics & Sonics

Tub Ring – Zoo Hypothesis

Turbosonics, The – Tres Gatos Suave (Pittsburgh #7)

Tuxedomoon – Bardo Hotel Soundtrack

Twilight Singers, The – Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair

Twilight Singers, The – Twilight, As Played By The Twilight Singers

Ui – Answers

Unintended, The – S/T

Unknown Component – In Direct Communication

Vanities, The – Coma Kiss (x2)

Vanities, The – EP For The Lord

Various Artists – Asaurus Records EP Club #2

Various Artists – The CoOp Communique Vol. 3

Various Artists – If You’re Frightened of Dying

Various Artists – I Said No Doctors!

Various Artists – Knormalities V.3 Posthumorites

Various Artists – Protect: A Benefit for the National Association to Protect Children

Various Artists – Sweet Records Presents: Soul Is Never Discouraged

Various Artists – We Reach: The Music of The Melvins

Venice Is Sinking/What We Do Is Secret – S/T

Via Audio – S/T

Vice Transmission – S/T

Vopat – Sometimes It Will

Waits, Tom – Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards

Waits, Tom – Real Gone

Walkmen, The – A Hundred Miles Off

Watchers – Dune Phase

We Are Childhood Equals – Hearts Ache For Home

Wechsler, David – Vacations

We Only Said – Boring Pools

Westside Daredevils – Twilight Children

Wet Lungs – Vile Hobbies

Wingdale Community Singers, The – S/T

Winged Victory For The Sullen, A – Atomos

Yorke, Thom – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

Yury, Carrie – Mutter

Zongamin – S/T

Zu – Cortar Todo

Zu – Jhator

Zykos – Comedy Horn

Zykos – S/T


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